How to Choose a Facility

Today, new care options are making it possible for seniors to be more active and independent than ever before. Because of the rehabilitative and restorative care provided by nursing facilities, nearly 70 percent of seniors who need our care are able to return home. 

When assessing which facility will be best for you and your loved one, you should take the time to complete the following three step process:

1. Locate a Facility 

If inpatient skilled or rehabilitative care is needed, Mass Senior Care can help you identify facilities that meet the care needs of you or a loved one.


2. Make a Visit

There is no substitute for a personal visit! Plan to visit several nursing and rehabilitation facilities and talk with staff, residents, and families before you make a selection. When you tour a facility, ask to see the entire facility, including areas for specialized services such as rehabilitation therapy. Tour the dining and recreational areas, outdoor space, and shower and food preparation areas. Ask to speak with residents and family members about their experiences with the facility.

In preparation for your tour, please review the following tools:


3. Check for Quality

State regulators visit Massachusetts nursing facilities – unannounced – every 9 to 15 months to ensure that state and federal standards are maintained. These inspection reports are available at the facility or you can search find this information on the following websites:

While reviewing the data, it’s important to remember that surveys represent a snapshot taken at one point in time, and that your personal visits and interviews with residents, staff and families provide the most valuable and current information.

Once you have chosen the facility that best meets your needs, it’s important to evaluate and understand your payment options.