The Massachusetts Senior Care Foundation hosts the Care Transitions Education Project (CTEP), an innovative workforce training strategy that equips frontline nurses and nursing students to lead and improve patient-centered care transitions. The CTEP curriculum was developed and has been successfully used to educate nurses from across care settings to complement cross-continuum efforts to reduce avoidable readmissions and achieve patient-centered goals.     

CTEP was developed and piloted by the Massachusetts Senior Care Foundation and Western Massachusetts Nursing Collaborative through the Robert Wood Johnson and Northwest Health Foundation’s Partners Investing in Nursing’s Future Initiative. 

From January 1, 2015 – December 30, 2016, Mass Senior Care Foundation oversaw a second phase of CTEP training and implementation with 81 nurses across three regionally based Demonstration Sites in Massachusetts (South Shore, Berkshires, Lowell). Project evaluation results demonstrated improved communication and collaboration among nurses across care settings (hospitals, home health agencies, skilled nursing facilities) resulting in more effective care transitions and patient care and cross-continuum collaboration to improve patient care. 

This second phase of CTEP training was funded by a Health Care Workforce Transformation Fund grant through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. Through a grant program is administered by Commonwealth Corporation.