The Massachusetts Culture Change Coalition is part of a national movement that is transforming nursing facilities into resident-centered communities. This philosophy nurtures the human spirit and promotes a living environment where older adults, people with disabilities, and their caregivers will thrive.

The Pioneer Network, a national organization with the goal of changing the culture of aging in the 21st century, serves to inform and guide the work of the Massachusetts Culture Change Coalition.

As part of its work, the Coalition sponsors regional forums that provide an opportunity for organizations and communities that have begun to implement culture change to share their experiences with others. These lively sessions provide resources, information, and valuable networking for individuals and organizations interested in learning more about the culture change movement.

The Coalition also acts as the Local Area Network for Excellence (LANE) for the national Advancing Excellence quality improvement campaign. In this role, the Coalition raises awareness and encourages enrollment in the campaign, acts as the communications relay point on the local level, and coordinates the provision of technical assistance for recommended interventions to improve quality.