Mass Senior Care facility members are encouraged to participate in Policy Committees. Committee members will assist with public policy discussions, providing valuable feedback and serve as a sounding board to Mass Senior Care staff.

  • Clinical Quality Committee (Formerly "Clinical Leaders" Workgroup)
    The Clinical Quality Committee is an interdisciplinary team that leads efforts to identify and promote quality clinical practices. The strategies of the committee are as follows: 1) networking and brainstorming to identify and promote quality clinical practices; 2) review and provide feedback for comment development on proposed measures and other pertinent activity; 3) provide clinical perspective on care transitions, readmissions and issues that may relate to reimbursement, regulatory or other; 4) collaborate with key partners to help resolve clinical issues and promote adoption of quality clinical practices. 
  • Finance and Reimbursement Committee
    The Finance and Reimbursement Committee addresses Medicare and Medicaid payment policy and other operational issues. The members address technical, policy, and strategy issues. The committee advises on payment research priorities and assist in shaping research projects as well as translating findings into MSCA policy and advocacy steps. The committee advises and recommends on responses in regard to state (MassHealth) and federal (Medicare) proposed regulatory actions. The committee advise and recommend in regard to MSCA positions related to ACOs and managed care organizations. 
  • Human Resources Group
    The Human Resources (HR) Group provides a forum for Mass Senior Care provider members, typically the HR Director or other senior staff member, to discuss and gain information on a range of topics, including staff recruitment and retention and pertinent regulatory and legislative issues. Please note that attendance at Mass Senior Care HR meetings is limited to Mass Senior Care facility members and invited presenters only. 
  • Regulatory and Survey Committee
    The Regulatory and Survey Committee will focus on: 1) Reviewing proposed laws, regulations, guidance, and policies that impact nursing facilities; 2) Assisting Mass Senior Care in the development of comments (both formal and informal) in response to proposed laws, regulations, guidance and policies that impact nursing facilities; 3) Reviewing and analyzing the consistency of compliance actions and regulatory interpretations taken by State Survey Agencies and Regional Offices of CMS in their role of enforcing compliance with the federal nursing facility regulations and 4) Identify training needs for members as it relates to regulatory and survey issues. 
  • Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Task Force
    The Substance Use Disorder Task Force will focus on issues facing nursing homes caring for the SUD population. This task force will discuss regulatory concerns, education and training needs, community resources and supports in order to provide high quality care for the SUD Population. 

If you are interested in participating in Committees, please contact Jennifer Chen, Director of Membership Relations & Engagement.