Mass Senior Care Association Releases Statement Supporting SALMON Health & Retirement’s Decision to Dedicate A Building to Caring for COVID-19 Patients


“Skilled nursing facilities care for some of the most vulnerable residents of the Commonwealth and our members are taking extraordinary steps to help ensure their health, safety and well-being during this COVID-19 outbreak.  Due to the anticipated surge in the need for hospital and nursing facility care over the coming weeks, the state has called on us to help, and we applaud SALMON Health & Retirement for answering the call and providing exemplary leadership during this time of crisis.  Beaumont Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing in Worcester, in partnership with the Commonwealth and regional hospital systems, will serve as a dedicated COVID-19 recovery skilled nursing facility. Conversion of a separate, self-contained health care facility will not only provide vital recovery services to those stricken with COVID-19, but will help protect the public health and the health of nursing home residents across the Commonwealth who will become increasingly vulnerable unless the curve is flattened.  Residents of skilled nursing facilities will also be more at risk as patients recovering from COVID-19 will increasingly be discharged from hospitals and into skilled nursing facilities unless these separate recovery facilities are established. While we recognize this is a difficult decision for the Beaumont Worcester community, including residents and their family members, we unequivocally support the collaborative effort between state health authorities, hospitals, and SALMON Health & Retirement on this proactive effort  to provide COVID-19 patients with the focused care necessary to ensure the best recovery. Ultimately, this is necessary to help mitigate and contain the spread of COVID-19, benefiting all citizens in the greater Worcester community.”


Tara Gregorio


Massachusetts Senior Care Association