Working in partnership with government, schools, workforce development and community organizations, Mass Senior Care and its members promote and develop strategies to recruit, educate and retain the highest quality long term care workforce.


  • Massachusetts Senior Care Foundation Scholarship Program 
    Mass Senior Care Foundation’s annual scholarship program supports current long term care staff seeking to further their education and careers in long term care. Since 1987, the Foundation has awarded over $2.8 million in scholarships, benefiting over 1,600 employees. Highlights from the 2022 scholarship program can be seen here.


  • Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs)
    Massachusetts’ 16 local WIBs, whose members include employers, higher education, labor, and government representatives, guide local decision-making in prioritizing and allocating federal and state resources for new and incumbent worker training. The MassHire State Workforce Board (MSWB) advises the Governor on building a strong workforce development system aligned with state educational policies and economic development goals. Mass Senior Care is a member of the MSWB and the Massachusetts Workforce Board Association, many individual Mass Senior Care members serve on their local WIBs.


  • Massachusetts Nursing and Allied Health Initiative 
    The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education’s Nursing and Allied Health Initiative performs a critical intermediary role as facilitator and independent broker of public and private partnerships of higher education faculty and executives, health care employers, industry associations and other key stakeholders. This initiative also sponsors, leads and coordinates statewide and regional pilot innovation programs to increase the supply of qualified nurses and allied health professionals, increase the capacity of nursing faculty in our higher education institutions, and reform curriculum to address emerging industry requirements for healthcare quality improvements.


  • Clinical Placements
    Learn about strategies to enhance nursing student clinical placements in long term care and home health care settings, as recommended by leaders in nursing education, practice, policy. The report details the discussion, presentations, and recommendations from the “Strengthening Partnerships: Enhancing Options for Clinical Placements in Long Term Care and Home Health Care Settings” Invitational Working Session, convened by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Mass Senior Care Foundation and the Foundation for Home Health, and funded through the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education’s Nursing and Allied Health Initiative.

    Explore how your facility can become a nursing student clinical placement site through the Massachusetts Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCP), a regionally based, Internet-based tool developed by the Department Board of Higher Education and the Massachusetts Center for Nursing to increase clinical nursing education placements.


  • Faculty Institute for Gerontological Nursing 
    Mass Senior Care Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Lowell School of Nursing, established the Faculty Institute for Gerontological Nursing (FIGN) in 2011. FIGN is designed for nursing faculty who want to strengthen their knowledge and leadership in geriatric nursing education, in support of the Institute's mission to expand the state's capacity to educate nurses who are better prepared to provide quality care for older adults and choose to practice in long term care settings.


  • English Works Campaign
    As a steering committee member of the English Works Campaign, a unique coalition of immigrant community leaders, educators, business and civic leaders and labor unions, Mass Senior Care advocates for increased public and private resources to improve English proficiency among immigrants, enabling them to achieve economic success as well as meet the changing labor and employment demands of the state’s economy.


  • Workforce Training and Funding Opportunities in Massachusetts 
    The Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund Program helps address business productivity and competitiveness by providing resources to Massachusetts businesses who pay into the fund to support  training for current and newly hired employees. Learn more about Workforce Training and Funding Opportunities