PPE Donations to Massachusetts Nursing Homes

Massachusetts long term care providers are on the frontlines of caring for residents and patients with COVID-19. Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, our provider members have been working tirelessly to protect their residents and mitigate the spread of this terrible virus. But this has been a real challenge thus far, and it will only get more difficult.

To ensure safety, providers need PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for staff and residents. Equipment such as face masks, gowns and gloves are in high demand, yet there is currently a very limited supply. Please consider donating PPE supplies to help our caregivers on the front lines who are protecting Massachusetts' most vulnerable population from COVID-19.

Please complete the donation form below or click here so we can put you in touch with those organizations that most need the supplies. Thank you for your generosity.

Mass Senior Care staff will contact you regarding your responses. (Note: No sales inquiries please.)

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