Over the last several months, Mass Senior Care has received a number of offers from Associate Members and other organizations offering support and resources to help long-term care communities respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we receive information from Associate Members and others, we will update this page to provide you with the most up-to-date resources and contact information:

PPE/Medical Supply Vendors - Mass Senior Care Associate Members
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mass Senior Care members are encouraged to find long term care products, supplies and services through our list of Associate Members/Preferred Vendors. These are companies that share a genuine interest with Mass Senior Care in furthering the quality of long term care and are dedicated to the success of the profession.

Other Resources for PPE

  • Supply and Vendor Resource List
    Mass Senior Care has put together a Supply and Vendor Resource List based on information shared by our members who are having success in accessing PPE supplies and services via non-traditional suppliers/vendors. While we do not endorse these vendors, or warrant their reliability or the quality of their materials, we wanted our members to know of this potential opportunity. This information is intended to serve as a general resource and there is no recommendation or endorsement by Mass Senior Care.   
  • MA Life Sciences Emergency Supply Hub
    MassBioMassMEDIC, the Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association (MHA), and the Conference of Boston Teaching Hospitals (COBTH) launched the Massachusetts Life Sciences Emergency Supply Hub to help bring additional supplies to the state’s healthcare institutions so they can continue to test and treat patients with COVID-19.
  • AHRMM Vetted Non-Traditional Suppliers
    The Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM) of the American Hospital Association has vetted Non-Traditional Suppliers offering PPE and other supplies and services. 


Other COVID-19 Resources

  • AHCA Free 8-Hour Online Training Program
    AHCA/NCAL has a free 8-hour online training program for “temporary nurse aides.” The AHCA Temporary Nurse Aide training program does not need approval by the Massachusetts DPH as it is not a Certified Nurse Aide training program. However, your facility could use this training to develop basic skills and help prepare the new hire for the Resident Care Assistant position.
  • CLA - COVID-19 Resources
    Unforeseen disruptions - from the coronavirus (COVID-19) to natural disasters - can create many uncertainties. CLA's COVID-19 Resources can help lay out a strategy to put your organization on its toes versus its heels. For more info and webinars, please click here
  • COVID-19 Long Term Care Facility Staffing Team
    To address staffing challenges in nursing facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commonwealth stood up a Long-Term Care Staffing Portal. MassHealth announced a $1,000 signing bonus to all individuals that register through the LTC Staffing Portal to work for a certain amount of time in a nursing home. For additional information regarding this announcement, please click here.
  • HealthPro-Heritage – COVID-19 Resources
    HealthPRO® Heritage recognizes how this time calls for both urgency and sensitivity. It is indeed a critical moment for our healthcare system, and more broadly, our nation’s health and well-being. With that, we have assembled a series of communications and helpful resources for our staff and partners to assist with managing through this crisis. For more info, click here.
  • IntelyCare Free Nurse Training Program
    IntelyCare has created a 100% free nurse training program worth one contact hour to help SNFs and ALFs prepare for COVID-19. The course covers CDC & CMS best practices and prepares nurses for infection control surveys.
  • Marcum - Coronavirus Resource Center
    Marcum is sharing information available concerning coronavirus (COVID-19) to clients and friends during this COVID-19 emergency. Please find up-to-the-minute webinars and industry insights from Marcum. For more info, click here.
  • Monster.com Home To Help Senior Care Initiative 
    Monster.com, in collaboration with Mass Senior Care Association and the COVID-19 Policy Alliance, launched the Home to Help Senior Care Initiative bringing 1,200 long term care job postings on the career site, at no cost, to members. Each member nursing facility has four job postings including Resident Care Assistants, CNAs, LPNs and RNs, which offers a $1,000 state-sponsored signing bonus to individuals beginning work in long-term care facilities by May 15th.