Education | 242 Adams Place, Boxoborough
Jan 22, 2019 07:00am - Jan 22, 2019 04:30pm

You must be both a Mass Senior Care and AHCA member provider to attend. All registrations will be verified with AHCA regarding membership.

The American Health Care Association (AHCA) is pleased to offer, in partnership with Massachusetts Senior Care Association, the PDPM Academy.  Provider members of AHCA and Massachusetts Senior Care Association who register for the PDPM Academy will have access to:

  • PDPM 101 workshop webinars
  • One-day in-person training workshop
  • Monthly webinars on key topics and emerging PDPM issues
  • “How To” webinars on AHCA developed Tools

At the in-person workshop, participants will go in-depth with hands on experiential learning by:

  1. Aligning buildings and companies to transition to PDPM using AHCA’s Copyrighted PDPM Readiness Tool and Related Core Competencies;
  2. Classifying Residents into Case Mix Groups;
  3. Assessing market position in a PDPM environment; and
  4. Using Organization Business and Management Tools to reconfigure business planning. 

Don’t miss this members’ only opportunity to help your organization transition to PDPM successfully.

Please download registration form for additional details. Online registration is not available. 

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