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Sep 27, 2022 09:00am - Sep 27, 2022 03:00pm


When it Comes to Workforce, Are You Ready to Try Something New?

At Mass Senior Care’s Spring Conference, participants engaged in a robust discussion regarding our new member resource, “Recruiting and Retaining Frontline Workers: Promising Practices from Across Industry Sectors.”  This report shared recommendations for recruitment and retention practices used successfully in other industries.  During audience polling, members expressed enthusiasm and interest in implementing some of these approaches.

Now is the Time to Take Next Steps!

MSCA and MSCF are launching a Workforce Innovations Collaborative (WFIC), a 12-month facilitated work group designed to inspire and support managers looking to test out innovative strategies from among the 9 practice areas recommended in the reportThe WFIC is open to 30 organizations. Each organization can register individuals to attend on behalf of a single facility or acting as a liaison to multiple facilities.  Due to space limitations, there is a maximum of 4 participants per organization. The Collaborative will:

  • Build internal capacity to test new recruitment and retention strategies aimed squarely at stabilizing staffing.
  • Utilize data to evaluate outcomes, paving the way for scaling to all departments and facilities within each organization.
  • Provide coaching and technical assistance to support design, implementation, data analysis and evaluation.
  • Offer inclusion in a peer community of innovators committed to testing new ideas.

The Collaborative

The project kicks off in September and is divided into special focus areas by quarter.  In each quarter, we will host one in-person and two virtual gatherings with the intention of limiting the time away from the workplace. Each organization will have a monthly 1:1 technical assistance session with Sue Misiorski, VP of Workforce Development at MSCA.

Together we will create an interactive, peer-to-peer learning experience that accelerates solutions to stabilizing staffing!

                WFIC Quarter 1

Flexible Scheduling

  • Kickoff: In person 9/27/22 9:00 am-3:00 pm, location to be announced
    • Build peer community, review program design and expectations.
    • 7-3, 3-11, and 11-7 just don’t work for everyone! We’ll explore flexible scheduling practices and technology enabled solutions that make scheduling and shift swapping easier.
    • Review action steps for creating organization’s plans to implement new flexible scheduling practices and/or technology enabled scheduling app.
  • Virtual Gatherings: 10/25/22 and 12/1/22 10:30-Noon
    • All virtual gatherings utilize video conferencing to include storytelling (early successes/challenges), education, and action steps for the next 30 days.

                WFIC Quarter 2

Recognition, Rewards, Wellbeing

  • In person gathering 1/10/23 9:00-Noon, location to be announced
    • We will dive into workplace culture and discuss strategies for a variety of recognition, rewards, and wellbeing strategies.
    • Review action steps for creating organization’s plans to elevate workplace culture.
  • Virtual Gatherings: 2/7/23 and 3/7/23 10:30-Noon

                WFIC Quarter 3

Supervision and Communication

  • In person gathering 4/20/23 9:00-Noon, location to be announced
    • The culture of supervision and communication has a strong influence on retention. Together we will address these topics and discuss new strategies including technology enabled communication.
    • Review action steps for creating organization’s plans to implement new supervision and communication practices.
  • Virtual Gatherings: 5/16/23 and 6/20/23 10:30-Noon

                WFIC Quarter 4

Inclusive Policy Implementation

  • In person gathering 7/18/23 9:00-Noon, location to be announced
    • We will explore DEI and scan organizational practices with the goal of ensuring HR practices have more consistent application for all employees.
    • Review action steps for creating organization’s plans to implement new inclusive practices.
  • Virtual Gatherings: 8/22/23 and 9/19/23 10:30-Noon


Fee: Includes facilitation, training and technical assistance throughout the 12 months. Does not include costs associated with strategies selected for implementation.


Member rate: $1,000 first registration, $250 for each additional registration, maximum of 4
Non Member rate: $2,000 first registration, $500 for each additional registration, maximum of 4

Collaborative Notes:

  • This is a 12-month facilitated workgroup and individual module registrations is not available.
  • Upon receipt of registration and payment, additional information regarding the in-person programs and the Zoom links will be sent. 

Nursing Home Administrator and Registered Nurse continuing education credits will be provided. Total CEUs will be determined by the duration of the session and attendee’s time participating in each session.

Cancellation Policy: 
If an attendee needs to cancel, Mass Senior Care must be notified in writing no later than 48 hours prior to the start of the seminar for a credit of equal amount to be issued to your Mass Senior Care account. No refunds will be given. Cancellations should be emailed to info@maseniorcare.org.

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