Massachusetts Senior Care Association



Nursing facilities are uniquely dependent on Medicaid as compared to other providers and without adequate funding, we cannot attract and pay enough staff to care for our residents. Massachusetts nursing facilities are under-funded by Medicaid at a rate of $900,000 per facility, per year; a loss very difficult to absorb. The vast majority of nursing facility funds go to staff wages and benefits – over 70 cents of every dollar. In order to continue to provide high quality rehabilitative and end-of-life care, Massachusetts nursing facilities require funding for critical technological upgrades and the development of innovative services. 

Did You Know… 

How Nursing Facilities Compare: 

  • Medicaid funds the care of nearly 70% of nursing facility residents. This compares to 34% of home health clients and 14% of hospital patients.
  • Massachusetts nursing facilities are in tremendous need of capital improvements to maintain and improve the physical plant. Massachusetts residents receive care in some of the oldest facilities in the country with most built before 1970.
  • Since more than 70% of a nursing facility’s budget is used to fund salaries, a manager’s ability to offer competitive wages and benefits for nursing facility staff is largely dependent upon Medicaid reimbursement.

Payment Eligibility