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Massachusetts Culture Change Coalition


Who We Are: 

The Massachusetts Culture Change Coalition is a diverse group including provider groups and associations, consumer organizations, state and federal agencies and others, dedicated to advancing the principles of person-centered care in long term care. Click here for a list of Coalition members.

Our Mission: 

The Massachusetts Culture Change Coalition advances initiatives to create person centered care within long term care and aging services. This philosophy nurtures the human spirit and promotes a living environment where older adults, persons with disabilities and their caregivers will thrive.

Culture Change... 

  • is a movement aimed at creating individualized person-centered care for residents of long term care facilities.
  • is a journey, not a destination;
  • is always evolving to meet the needs of the residents.
  • is anchored in values that transform living environments into communities
  • focuses on resident choice.

Culture Change helps create a place where… 

  • residents want to live and staff want to work.
  • residents control their lives, their care, and their environment.
  • residents, families, and staff work together in a cooperative and respectful way.
  • staff becomes family.

Spreading the Word About Culture Change: 

Regional forums provide an opportunity for organizations and communities that have begun their culture change journey to share those experiences with others who would like to begin to develop culture change. These lively sessions provide resources, information and valuable networking for individuals and organizations interested in learning more about culture change. Over 1000 people have participated in culture change forums in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Culture Change Coalition Also Partners with the Pioneer Network 

Pioneer Network is a center for all stakeholders in the field of aging and long term care whose focus is on providing home and community for elders.  The Pioneer Network believes that the quality of life and living for America's elders is rooted in a supportive community and cemented by relationships that respect each of us as individuals regardless of age, medical condition or limitations.

Pioneer Network advocates for elders across the spectrum of living options (which are often dictated by differing levels of the medical care required); and is working towards a culture of aging that supports the care of elders in settings where individual voices are heard and individual choices are respected — whether it is in nursing homes, transitional care settings or wherever home and community may be.  For more information, please visit the Pioneer Network website.

Want to Learn More? 

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