Massachusetts Senior Care Association



Working in partnership with academic and healthcare organizations, government and business, Mass Senior Care is addressing important issues impacting care for older adults and people with disabilities.

  •  Western Massachusetts Nursing Collaborative

    The Western Massachusetts Nursing Collaborative in collaboration with the Massachusetts Senior Care Foundation, is spearheading the “Care Transitions Education Project,” under a Partners Investing in Nursing’s Future grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Northwest Health Foundation.

  • Care Transitions Forum 
    The purpose of the Care Transitions Forum is to bring together providers across multiple care settings, along with other key stakeholders such as health plans and government agencies, to address ways to enable information to accompany the patient across the full continuum of care.  For more information, please click here.

  • Emergency Preparedness Planning 

    Mass Senior Care has taken a lead role working with federal, state and local colleagues to include nursing and rehabilitative facilities as key elements of emergency preparedness planning in the Commonwealth.  Mass Senior Care has become directly involved in four grants to develop more effective partnerships for emergency response across Massachusetts.

  • Massachusetts Culture Change Coalition

    The Massachusetts Culture Change Coalition advances initiatives to create person centered care within long term care and aging services. This philosophy nurtures the human spirit and promotes a living environment where older adults, persons with disabilities and their caregivers will thrive. For more information, please click here.

  • Massachusetts Falls Prevention Coalition 

    The Massachusetts Falls Prevention Coalitions connects individuals and organizations working on falls prevention across all sectors. We work with health care professionals, government officials and consumers to develop and implement evidence-based programs to prevent falls in Massachusetts.  For more information, please click here.